Presentation Graphics – Project Visuals

Transferring a project design into a visual representation enables others to see and understand the full impact of the design you are presenting. In utilizing today’s technology, combined with great talent, there are some amazing tools created to aid in this process. Evergreen Design Group is uniquely positioned to interpret your project drawings and render a set of presentation graphics that bring your design to life and enrich the lives of your viewers.

Our Landscape Architects create stunning visual presentation pieces to convey the look, feel, and character of a landscape environment in easily understandable graphics that have instant emotional impact for public meetings, jurisdictional approvals, marketing collateral, sales presentations, job site signage, or benefit fundraising events.

Presentation Tools

Please click on the links to the graphics listing below to view samples of some of our projects.

  • 3D Mass Modeling– A digital study of design element massing, scale, and sequence.
  • 3D Rendered View– A detailed digital design study, illustrating the user experience in a space.
  • Site Sections – A cross-section through the project site in gray-scale or color, depicting design elements in relationship to topography.
  • Augmented Reality Views– A detailed color view of the project design elements positioned in context with the existing surrounding area.

Our capabilities do not end here. If you have a specific graphic in mind for your project presentation needs, please contact us. We’ll discuss your project thoroughly and create the perfect image to convey your project to its intended audience.  We are continually looking for opportunities to create project visuals in unique formats that will deliver emotional impact and positively influence your desired outcome.