Whether you are an A/E/C program management firm, or the end-user directing the design and development in-house, there are MANY BENEFITS from making the LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS of EVERGREEN DESIGN GROUP a part of your program management team:

A/E/C Program Management

  1. Multi-State Registrations: With our Landscape Architects being registered in 35+ states, you will not have to seek out a different Landscape Architect for each project within a different state or regional jurisdiction. Evergreen has you covered.
  2. Clear Ownership for Project Success: As an integral part of your project team, we are committed for the long-haul. We are not simply designing one project and moving on. We have established a clear commitment to you and your client and wish to continue that relationship for a very long time.
  3. Clear Direction as to the Landscape and Irrigation Design: Being a repeat client, our Landscape Architects will know precisely what you are looking for and wanting to achieve on your projects as it relates to the landscape and irrigation design, and we will provide it every time.
  4. Clearly Defined Scope: Having designed the same project-type multiple times for the same client, our Landscape Architects work with your project management team to ensure that the scope is well-defined from the outset. This enables us to prevent omissions of project scope and ensures everyone has the same understanding of what to deliver throughout the project cycle.
  5. Efficiency in Workflow: Working on the same project types with the same client over and over, we all form a cohesive bond which enables workflows to stream more efficiently. This efficiency yields greater chances of receiving a permit faster while maintaining design and construction costs at a manageable level.
  6. Risk Management: Our Landscape Architects will assist in identifying potential risks and non-compliant areas at the beginning of the project and will work with the program management team to actively plan and manage for these throughout the life of the project. As a result, Evergreen Design Group can help the project moving forward even if there are potential obstacles in the project plan.

Many of Evergreen Design Group’s program management clients include/have included:

  • Restaurants
  • C-Stores
  • Auto Maintenance / Repair Facilities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fire Stations
  • Child Development Facilities
  • Car Washes
  • Multi-Family Developments

Are you interested in having Evergreen Design Group join your program management team? Contact us at (800) 680-6630 ext. 1 or via e-mail at and we will respond to you right away.