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Landscape Architects in Florida

The biggest challenge for Landscape Architects in Florida is creating attractive outdoor spaces that can tolerate Florida’s infamous tropical weather, yet stays within a client’s project budget and maintenance resources.

When choosing a Florida Landscape Architect firm to design an outdoor space for your commercial application, you want to consider many factors. You want Florida Landscape Architects with expertise and knowledge of Florida’s unique climate. You want a Landscape Architect in Florida that understands code compliance and large-scale master planning. You want a landscape architect in Florida that incorporates sustainable strategies whenever possible.

Only when you find a Florida Landscape Architect that possesses all of these qualities, can you be assured of creating an outdoor space that stands the test of time.

Evergreen Design Group

Since 2005, the experienced Florida Landscape Architecture firm of Evergreen Design Group has been working with commercial clients throughout Florida to design environmentally friendly, attractive, and usable outdoor spaces. Our Landscape Architects in Florida specialize in landscape design and irrigation design for commercial applications, including:

  • bulletRetail centers
  • bulletFinancial institutions
  • bulletRestaurants/hotels
  • bulletOffice buildings
  • bulletMaster planned communities
  • bulletHospitals
  • bulletSchools
  • bulletMulti-family apartment complexes
  • bulletReligious facilities
  • bulletHospitals
  • bulletOther commercial applications

Florida Landscape Architects

The Florida Landscape Architects at Evergreen Design Group have experience with every size project. Whether your plans are limited or broad in scope, our Landscape Architects in Florida understand the unique needs of commercial landscape architecture. They recognize you have budgets and maintenance limitations, and will design a plan that respects those constraints yet provides years of beauty and enjoyment.

We also know that even though your project may be commercial, you still want personalized service. Our professional team works closely with every client, to ensure that the final plan is a reflection of you. You are never just a number here. Through personalized relationships, we guarantee that your final project accurately captures your preferences, requirements and budgetary limits.

Let the Florida Landscape Architects of Evergreen Design Group realize your dream of an impressive, sustainable and functional outdoor space.

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Landscape Architects FL
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Our Services

  • bulletTree Preservation/Mitigation Plans
  • bulletPlanting Plans
  • bulletIrrigation Plans
  • bulletWater Reuse Irrigation Systems
  • bulletColored Plans
  • bulletRenderings
  • bulletMaster Plans
  • bulletLandscape Drainage
  • bulletLandscape Lighting
  • bulletHardscape Plans
    • bulletMonument Signs
    • bulletPavers & Colored Concrete
    • bulletRaised Planters
    • bulletWater Features
  • bulletPlaygrounds
  • bulletParks
  • bulletSplash Pads
  • bulletHike & Bike Trails
  • bulletAthletic Fields
  • bulletLEED Design & Consulting
  • bulletGreen Roofs
  • bulletSustainable Landscaping / Xeriscape
  • bulletContractor Bidding & Selection
  • bulletPlant Material Selection & Tagging
  • bulletSite Inspections