a complete solution for your Landscape vision National LandscapE ARCHITECTS Providing Exceptional Landscape Architectural Services for a Wide Range of Project Types
Land Planning
  • We create well-designed planned developments, where the architecture and landscape environments exist in harmony and balance.
Landscape Design
  • A proper landscape design should engage the senses, stimulate the imagination, and is a stunning space in which to live, work, visit, and play, and supports wellness.
Irrigation Design
  • Our Landscape Irrigation Designers create irrigation project designs with water efficiency and conservation at the forefront of our design process.
  • We produce high resolution graphics of your projects for use in public meetings, jurisdictional approvals, sales and marketing collateral, job site signage, or for benefit fundraising events.

About Evergreen Design Group

Landscape Architects, a complete solution for your landscape vision

With over 15 years of experience in all facets of landscape architecture, the dedicated team at Evergreen Design Group is disciplined in Land Planning, sustainable Landscape Design, water conserving Irrigation Design, and Graphics, and has been providing professional and sustainable landscape architectural services to discerning clients across the United States.

Our Landscaping Services:

  • Land Planning
  • Tree Preservation/Mitigation Plans
  • Planting Plans
  • Irrigation Plans
  • Graphics
  • Landscape Drainage
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Hardscape Plans
  • Parks, Playgrounds & Splashpads
  • Hike & Bike Trails
  • Athletic Fields
  • LEED Design & Consulting
  • Green Roofs
  • Sustainable Landscaping / Xeriscape
  • Site Inspections

What We Offer for You

We Create Environments Beyond Your Imagination.

At Evergreen Design Group our Landscape Architects are accomplished with many types of projects including commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-family, religious, and also in the public sector. We prepare both creatively enhanced planting plans as well as landscape design plans to meet the minimum jurisdictional requirements and thus help our clients move quicker through the permit process and into site prep and construction, thus saving them time and money.

We thrive on building lasting relationships with civil engineers, architects, developers, business owners, and contractors across the country based on trust and professionalism with a strong commitment to provide the perfect sustainable landscape and water-saving Irrigation solutions that connects people with the environments we design.

The success of this commitment is the numbers of clients who we have served, that have returned time and time again each year, no matter where their next project may be in the United States….we’re there!

Whether a project may be large in scope or a more intimate common area, we take the time to get to know all members of the project team, to understand each team member’s unique needs, and then work together to deliver the ultimate landscape design at a competitive cost.


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Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainable Landscape Design

When our clients ask to create a sustainable landscape design for their project, or they tell us that they want Xeriscape Landscaping, the majority of the time what they are asking is for us to specify low maintenance, drought-tolerant plant materials. 
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