As a follow-up to our widely popular previous post entitled, “Program Management in A/E/C and the Role of Landscape Architects”, we received several inquiries from A/E/C folks wanting to learn more.


  • C-Stores
  • Financial Services (Banks)
  • QSR’s and other Restaurants
  • Daycares and Learning Centers
  • Vehicle Service & Maintenance Facilities, to include:
    • Vehicle Repair
    • Oil Change
    • Car Washes
    • Multi-Family Developments
    • Hospitality (Hotels)


The most basic (and required) plan required from us is the Landscape Planting Plan.  This is the plan that most AHJ’s (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) require to obtain a building permit.

The second most required plan is the Landscape Irrigation Plan.  While not all AHJ’s require the Landscape Irrigation Plan to obtain a building permit (many actually do), our clients also enjoy the benefits of having a plan prepared to:

  1. Ensure they receive apples-to-apples bids from contractors; and
  2. Ensure they receive a well-designed irrigation system that is designed with the project developer in mind, as opposed to allowing the contractor to design-build the irrigation system which may benefit the contractor more financially, than the needs and interests of the project developer.

The third most required plan is the Tree Disposition Plan (for when there are existing trees on the lot).  The Tree Disposition Plan designates which existing trees are to remain and be protected, and which are to be removed.  This plan will also describe the protection measures for those trees to remain and any mitigation measures that may be required for trees that are to be removed.

In addition to the basic plans listed above, Evergreen Design Group also prepares:

  • Hardscape Plans: The Hardscape Plans we prepare for program management clients can include playgrounds, enhanced paving, swimming pools, and other recreational areas.
  • Graphics: Our Landscape Architects create stunning visual presentation pieces to convey the look, feel, and character of a landscape environment in easily understandable graphics that have instant emotional impact for public meetings, jurisdictional approvals, marketing collateral, sales presentations, job site signage, or benefit fundraising events.


While we prefer to price each project individually, we have a few program management clients that prefer to have one base price for all projects for our basic planting and irrigation design services.  Anything beyond that would be considered an additional service.  Having one set price for our planting and irrigation plans assists them in developing their A&E budgets.

The most frequent additional service is the preparation of the Tree Disposition Plan, as each site location is unique in how many existing trees they may have, and whether the AHJ may or may not require mitigation for removed trees.  Some AHJ’s also allow you to take credit for existing trees in exchange for new trees required, but you must still show the size and species of the existing trees, and how you are going to protect them throughout the construction process.


When we can keep our costs down, we are able to pass those savings on to our program management clients.  Some of the ways we can keep our costs down include:

  • Infrequent site layout changes that require us to modify our completed plans
  • Some clients like to have us update the title block all throughout the design phase (25%, 50%, 75%, 90, 100%, Bid, For Permit, For Construction, etc…). Every time we have to touch the designs, it costs us more money.  Therefore, keeping our time down will save you in design fees.
  • Paying our invoices in a timely manner. While the majority of our clients are pay-when-paid, that ‘pay’ timeframe can vary greatly.  Some clients pay within 30 days, others can take several months.  The longer it takes for us to get paid, the more it costs us. In addition, Evergreen Design Group offers a 5% discount on our invoice should we receive the payment within 10 days of invoice date.  Hey, where else are you going to get a 5% return on your money?

Are you responsible for a client that is rolling out in multiple locations?  If so, perhaps it is time to engage a Landscape Architect to become an integral part of your team.

Bringing Evergreen Design Group on your team can save you both time (in managing the project) as well as money.

Give us a call or shoot over an email to learn more.