Land Planning

“The goal of (land) planning is to maximize the health, safety, and economic well-being of all people living in our communities.  This involves thinking how we can move around our community, how we can attract and retain thriving businesses, where we want to live, and opportunities for recreation.  Planning helps create communities of lasting value.”
American Planning Association

The Land Planners with Evergreen Design Group are laser focused to that end!  We have extensive research experience to stay code compliant. We are experts at preparing Conceptual Site Plans for a multitude of sizes and types of projects throughout the United States.

We prepare realistic Conceptual Site Plans that are cost-effective, balanced, and technically sound.  Our goal is always the same…to create exquisitely planned developments where the architecture and landscape environments exist in harmony and balance offering everyone a stunning space in which to live, work, visit, and play, that supports wellness.


Our projects range from master-planned mixed-use communities, commercial developments, residential communities, business parks, sports & recreation parks, and resort destinations.


We offer our Land Planning services nationwide.


  • Research local codes that may affect site layout.
  • Conduct a remote preliminary meeting with the client to discuss the project;
  • Prepare an Illustrated rendering of the Conceptual Site Plan (By CAD or by hand) for client review;
  • Review and discuss the Conceptual Site Plan with the client (remotely via a screen share).
  • Make updates to the Conceptual Site Plan per the client’s comments;
  • Receive client’s final approval
  • Prepare an Illustrated rendering of the Colored Conceptual Site Plan (with a detail legend, land use and program summary data, and any necessary calculations).


  • Initial project location site visit to prepare the Conceptual Site Plan
  • In-Person Project Design Meetings
  • Attend Public Hearings, Presentations, Workshops, and Design Charrettes
  • Illustrative Exhibits
  • 3D Modeling & Visualization
  • Marketing Graphics
  • Detailed Concept Plans
  • Construction Drawings

Working independently or as a member of the project team alongside the attorneys, architects, civil engineers, and the client, Evergreen Design Group has a proven track record of successfully handling “challenging” applications and sensitive sites.  Often, we suggest alternative plan concepts to help our clients decide how best to develop a site into a successful project with maximum return.

Often, a successful Land Plan can make the difference between a marginally performing development and one of great success, in terms of yield and sales performance.

On your next successful project, relax with the peace of mind of having Evergreen Design Group on your team.