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Landscape Design

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Landscape Design

We believe a landscape should be a living work of art. Like any outstanding sculpture or painting, a landscape should engage the senses, stimulate the imagination, have memorable focal points and be something of lasting and unique beauty. A landscape needs to complement its surroundings, and reflect the interests, needs and sensibilities of the tenants, customers or residents. And because a landscape is comprised of both living plants and permanent elements, it must be designed with future growth in mind.

At Evergreen Design Group, we combine the science of growing with the art of design. From start to finish, we keep in mind the personality of the client, the style of the building, the regional climates, and the expected use of the outdoor space. We create practical landscapes of living, lasting beauty that reflect the individuality of every client.

Beyond Sustainability

Sustainable landscaping includes an attractive environment that is in balance with the local climate and requires minimal resource inputs, such as fertilizer, pesticides and water. Sustainable landscaping begins with an appropriate design that includes functional, cost efficient, visually pleasing, environmental friendly and maintainable areas.

Millions of dollars are spent each year designing, implementing, and maintaining urban landscapes. Unfortunately, long-term problems are caused when these processes are not carried out properly. Many of these problems can be avoided or reduced by utilizing sustainable landscape practices. A landscape developed with sustainable practices will improve the environment by conserving resources and reducing chemical applications. A sustainable landscape will also reduce labor inputs making it less expensive to implement and maintain.


Evergreen Design Group is a leader in designing sustainable landscaping solutions. We believe landscapes should be beautiful and functional while respecting the surrounding environment. We have extensive experience with sustainable landscaping design, and many of our projects have achieved LEED certification.