Here at Evergreen Design Group, we prepare two different types of Planting Plans – Code-Compliant Planting Plans, and Enhanced Planting Plans.  What’s the difference, you ask?

Code-Compliant Planting Plans

Our Code-Compliant Planting Plans are designed to meet the minimum requirements of an AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction a/k/a permitting authority).  This could be a city, a county (or parish), an ARC (Architectural Review Committee), Master Developer, or other entity that has a final say on the minimum landscape requirements for a specific piece of land.

These are typically used when our client is interested in solely showing the minimum plants required in order to obtain a building permit.  This level pertains to most padsites, industrial buildings, religious facilities, and public developments.

Enhanced Planting Plans

Our Enhanced Planting Plans are planting plans that are designed to not only be code-compliant, but to exceed the minimum code requirements per the overall design intent of the end user, Developer, Architect, or other entity.

For those clients that request an Enhanced Planting Plan, we typically ask them where they would like the project to fall as it relates to a scale of 1 to 5.  “1” represents the code-compliant plan, and “5” represents ‘plants all over the place’.

This level pertains to most multi-family projects, upscale single-family developments, hospitality, mixed-use and other high end retail and office developments

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